Have I become an Apple Hater? 

My wife commented to me the other night:

What happened to you, I remember you used to push Macs and Apple all the time?

That got me wondering myself, when did I stop thinking Apple was wickedly awesome?  I think it was really an erosion with time.  It started with Steve Jobs return, and the death of licensed MacOS, then embracing the investment from Microsoft (which was motivated by the anti-trust lawsuit by the US government I’m sure), and then there’s the iPhone aka Jesus Phone.

I certainly do purchase Apple products

  1. iPod Shuffle (1st, 3rd gen)
  2. iPod (5th gen)
  3. iPod Nano (1st gen, fat)
  4. MacBook (520, 13″ white)
  5. Mac Cube (still a beauty)

Maybe I’m sick of fanboys more than Apple, maybe I’m seeing Apple as a big corporation than a “think different” company, or maybe Apple products are not really better than their competitors?  Regardless, I do need to refocus and separate the products from the hype and hubris.

Technology more and more seems to be about CEO personality than product, and maybe this rant is more about fanboys than any particular company