Facebook Is the Web’s Ultimate Timesink [STATS] 

Each American Facebook user spent an average of 421 minutes on Facebook per month

via Facebook Is the Web’s Ultimate Timesink [STATS].

Exactly why everyone is so ready to kick Facebook to the curb, because they really fear what will happen if nothing can check its growth.  Think more about how many ways Facebook could have completely fallen down

  1. Change UI – everybody howls let’s go back
  2. Allow advertisers to use your profile pic in advertisements to your friends – oops let’s back out of that one
  3. Change privacy settings – Zuckerberg pens letter to the masses saying Facebook cherishes privacy (while really just trying to push the envelope of acceptable sharing)
  4. Change UI – everybody is just tired of complaining

In all that time MySpace, Orkut (who?), and Twitter have yet to make any significant decrease in the growth of Facebook.  Games like Farmville help to feed the addiction to Facebook.  Allowing more and more interoperability like Vivox for voice chat (potential competitor to Skype?) and opening IM to other 3rd party clients like AIM.

Facebook looks poised to keep their growth going.