Jon Gosselin’s Pounding Heart Turned Into Mincemeat – E! Online 

Jon Gosselin’s Pounding Heart Turned Into Mincemeat – E! Online.

The interviewer, Chris Cuomo, was ridiculous in his judgmental way of asking questions and outright interjections of personal opinion.  It wasn’t so much an interview but an interrogation.

To all those who think Jon should have just grown a spine and stood up to Kate are naive.  If that was so easy there would be no such thing as therapy, people would never need counseling because doing the right thing is always easy and smart people always choose it.

All people are welcome to their opinions of Jon and can criticize his actions, but none of you really know him, and to label him as pathetic or a loser only shows how easy it is for people to dehumanize those people and things they loathe.