An Insider On the Apple Tablet – apple tablet – Gizmodo 

An Insider On the Apple Tablet – apple tablet – Gizmodo.

I love the idea of a secondary screen from the USB, but only if it also works with Windows.  Part of the appeal of iPhone is clearly that it works for the 90% of users running Windows, and if iPadd or Newton 2.0 is going to have features exclusive to Mac then it won’t have nearly the impact of the iPhone.

Apple is  clearly and most definitely making plays in the education field.  Doing to Microsoft what Microsoft had done to Apple in the late 80s early 90s dominate the new minds and bodies entering the workforce.  In addition, with the prevalence of personal technology entering IT departments (look at the Obama administration thinking why are we using Office 2003?) Apple sees the consumer as the gateway to the corporate.

Seems to me they are making a good bet