Amazon & Orwell (Irony?) 

Did Amazon get bullied or did they not have the rights to sell it in the first place?

Many things went wrong. Firstly, Amazon again did a piss poor job of exactly informing customers and media what was exactly happening. Ars Technica has an article stating that Amazon did a poor job of vetting a third party, and as a result did not have the legal right in the US to distribute the books via Kindle.

It seems to me if Amazon did not have the right to sell it to you, then they should at a minimum refund you for the bad sale. Guess what if you buy a stolen car from someone, you don’t get to keep it just because you paid good money for it. Even if you didn’t know it was stolen, the police can impound the car and return it to the rightful owner, and you may not even get your money back from the seller.

The real problem is the digital age has made it fast and easy for us to move content, but the rules governing that content haven’t been modernized as quickly. Let’s have more rants about that shall we?