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    My Thoughts on Flash and Apple « GartenBlog 

    Apple’s customers, being viewed as valuable, are causing major content stakeholders to re-tool their content to make it available on Apple’s mobile platforms

    via My Thoughts on Flash and Apple « GartenBlog.


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    Universal Protocol? 

    Speaking from personal experience as one who has spent a fair number of hours in bars, there is a universal protocol for dealing with misplaced or forgotten personal items left behind by fellow patrons. Wallets, keys, phones, purses. Whatever. If you see something like that on the floor, or forgotten on a table, you pick it up and hand it to the bartender

    via Daring Fireball: Gizmodo and the Prototype iPhone.

    I believe this is right up there with the Prime Directive!  In fact, how people deal with lost stuff varies with each person’s personal environment.  I would suggest that there are many possible ways in which people would react to what could be lost or forgotten items:

    1. Leave it there, the person who forgot it may come back to pick it up
    2. Return it to one of the establishment’s employees
    3. Take it with the intention of returning it to the owner when you find out who it is
    4. Take it with no intention of returning it (the finders keepers, losers weepers) which is against the law

    Gruber continues to make various assails at what constitutes reasonable with this description,

    “It defies belief that calling Apple’s public phone numbers constitutes “reasonable and just efforts to find the owner and to restore the property to him””

    I would probably never think to go to Apple’s website to return it, I’d probably do my best to get the device back to Apple via the store maybe, but I’d most definitely have snapped photos and videos of it, had I known it was a 4G iPhone.

    In addition, any lawyer would be able to argue maybe not successfully, but at least argue that reaching out to Apple customer service was a genuine method of trying to reach the original owner of the device.

    Ultimately, the facts of the case are still unclear.  All we know are stories which to Gizmodo’s detriment has changed many times since the original post.  Law enforcement will have the opportunity to investigate the actual nature of the conversations between Gizmodo and the finder of the iPhone, and possibly into the precise method by which the iPhone was found.

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    Does Apple Really Need It? 

    Too all the whiny babies who are indignant of Gizmodo’s actions go suck on your pacifier a little longer. Even my 18 month old makes less whine than all of you.

    Gizmodo went after a story, and while they paid for the story and chased the story, why should they turn it down? They are a tech blog, and raison d’etre is to find and scoop tech stories. As long as they are true, and they do not put into physical harm they should run with the story.

    I haven’t read any earlier story simply the edited story that basically describes what has happened to tons of folks

    • drink beer
    • forget phone
    • someone finds phone (why no pw lock?)
    • someone then attempts to take advantage of situation

    Gizmodo has phone, even if you were to try to get the phone to the original owner does that mean you wouldn’t blog, tweet, mashup the prototype iPhone into the Matrix? Of course not, and as journalists, its not Gizmodo’s duty to sit on their hands when they can get the story out.

    Apple hasn’t suffered some terrible blow, this will not reduce the number of iPhones sold. All it will do is reduce the hype factor of Steve Jobs’ keynote.

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    WWE Latest: Two years after App Store launch, WWE launches 1st iPhone App 

    It took WWE almost two years to release an iPhone App, but here we are

    via WWE Latest: Two years after App Store launch, WWE launches 1st iPhone App.

    Proof the iPhone has arrived!


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    Catching up with Avie Tevanian Q&A | Beyond Binary – CNET News 

    “I’ve learned not to get too negative on technologies that seem overhyped because sometimes they still work out”

    “These things tend to generally be additive and they tend to find their proper roles”

    via Catching up with Avie Tevanian Q&A | Beyond Binary – CNET News.

    Amazingly true words, it’s vitally important as decision makers and workers in technology, not to allow personal biases prevent rational choices.

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    Apple’s Snow Leopard Is Less Secure Than Windows, But Safer | Gadget Lab | Wired.com 

    While its true that MacOS has been shielded by obscurity in terms of direct threats, it is generally true that it is not nearly as secure as Windows.

    My point is that Macs are often suggested as a great device for users who just want it to work.  My problem is that these are the most likely users to fall for phishing attacks.  Am I right or wrong?

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    Apple fights back against Laptop Hunters ads 

    Apple fights back against Laptop Hunters ads

    While I agree the original Microsoft ads were misleading since the laptops typically purchased were not the same hardware as the comparable Mac.  It is absolutely bullshit that Apple continues to promote the notion that users of Macs never need worry about viruses.

    I agree I’m not the typical user, but at the same time nobody in my family has had a virus as long as they kept the anti-virus (which was free AVG) up to date which was set to auto-update.  Also as long as you’re not going about torrenting, P2P, crazy porn sites, your PC should stay pretty clear of even malware.  Microsoft will even begin to include additional bundled software.

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    Found Footage: The do-it-yourself wedding photo booth 

    Found Footage: The do-it-yourself wedding photo booth.

    Cool, makes me want to get back to AppleScript

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    An Insider On the Apple Tablet – apple tablet – Gizmodo 

    An Insider On the Apple Tablet – apple tablet – Gizmodo.

    I love the idea of a secondary screen from the USB, but only if it also works with Windows.  Part of the appeal of iPhone is clearly that it works for the 90% of users running Windows, and if iPadd or Newton 2.0 is going to have features exclusive to Mac then it won’t have nearly the impact of the iPhone.

    Apple is  clearly and most definitely making plays in the education field.  Doing to Microsoft what Microsoft had done to Apple in the late 80s early 90s dominate the new minds and bodies entering the workforce.  In addition, with the prevalence of personal technology entering IT departments (look at the Obama administration thinking why are we using Office 2003?) Apple sees the consumer as the gateway to the corporate.

    Seems to me they are making a good bet

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    Have I become an Apple Hater? 

    My wife commented to me the other night:

    What happened to you, I remember you used to push Macs and Apple all the time?

    That got me wondering myself, when did I stop thinking Apple was wickedly awesome?  I think it was really an erosion with time.  It started with Steve Jobs return, and the death of licensed MacOS, then embracing the investment from Microsoft (which was motivated by the anti-trust lawsuit by the US government I’m sure), and then there’s the iPhone aka Jesus Phone.

    I certainly do purchase Apple products

    1. iPod Shuffle (1st, 3rd gen)
    2. iPod (5th gen)
    3. iPod Nano (1st gen, fat)
    4. MacBook (520, 13″ white)
    5. Mac Cube (still a beauty)

    Maybe I’m sick of fanboys more than Apple, maybe I’m seeing Apple as a big corporation than a “think different” company, or maybe Apple products are not really better than their competitors?  Regardless, I do need to refocus and separate the products from the hype and hubris.

    Technology more and more seems to be about CEO personality than product, and maybe this rant is more about fanboys than any particular company

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