Does Apple Really Need It?

Too all the whiny babies who are indignant of Gizmodo’s actions go suck on your pacifier a little longer. Even my 18 month old makes less whine than all of you.

Gizmodo went after a story, and while they paid for the story and chased the story, why should they turn it down? They are a tech blog, and raison d’etre is to find and scoop tech stories. As long as they are true, and they do not put into physical harm they should run with the story.

I haven’t read any earlier story simply the edited story that basically describes what has happened to tons of folks

  • drink beer
  • forget phone
  • someone finds phone (why no pw lock?)
  • someone then attempts to take advantage of situation

Gizmodo has phone, even if you were to try to get the phone to the original owner does that mean you wouldn’t blog, tweet, mashup the prototype iPhone into the Matrix? Of course not, and as journalists, its not Gizmodo’s duty to sit on their hands when they can get the story out.

Apple hasn’t suffered some terrible blow, this will not reduce the number of iPhones sold. All it will do is reduce the hype factor of Steve Jobs’ keynote.