RIM CEO pulls an AT&T: “We need to conserve bandwidth”

“Manufacturers had better start building more efficient applications and more efficient services. There is no real way to get around this.”

via RIM CEO pulls an AT&T: “We need to conserve bandwidth”.

Ultimately, Jim Lazaridis is correct.  Wireless telecom, at least how it is today will not be able to grow total bandwith at an exponential rate.

Firstly, there is no existing model of ISP that matches wireless.  Current last mile ISPs can provide nearly 50Mbps and eventually gigabit bandwith to the home (see Google http://bit.ly/aONrrF).  Conceivably, the market could demand that the pipe that goes to your house is accessed through some central hub that any ISP can hook into (kind of like that failed DSL experiment) and you simply pick and choose who provides the Internet.  Wireless telecoms own their spectrum and don’t simply allow any wireless carrier to hop onto it.